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Before making any purchase we must make sure that the machine we are going to buy has all its documents in order, that the seller has a good reputation and a detailed maintenance report where we can see the useful hours of the machine, which parts were replaced and others Important data for the purchase.

The most important reason to buy a used machine in good condition is its price. We can get machines at half price, with only one year difference and few hours of use. New machines tend to drop it price around 40% or 50% in the first year and from then on they tend to go down very little, as long as they are properly maintained. Given that the technology in the industry does not change very quickly, we would not have any very noticeable technological detail that makes a big difference with a new one.

Other great advantages of buying a used machine are:
• Delivery time, which can be immediate, increasing your productivity.
• You can sell the machine without losing a lot of money as long as it is properly maintained.
Machines and spare parts with good use are also a great option that should never be ruled out and we are that option.

Post Author: Karin Hernandez