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The Compactor is a self-propelled machine on wheels that has different types of rollers that help, as the name implies, accelerate the soil compaction process. This heavy machinery or yellow machinery is also known as a steamroller or static compactor. Its main function is to produce the densification of the soil by its own weight and a dynamic load by means of an eccentric mass that rotates around the axis of the roller producing a vibration.
There are different types of static compactors: plain roller, roller compactors, pneumatic wheel or mesh roller compactors and impact compactors with lobular profile roller.
They are mainly used in construction sites to compact different materials. Due to its functionality, it is essential in the projects involved in soil or road construction, both in the sub-base and in asphalt mixtures. This heavy machinery is also implemented for the compaction of cohesive materials such as clay.
After the newly placed land is leveled, it must be compacted in order to give it the necessary capacity to accommodate the loads generated by the weight of the structure of the road, as well as the traffic that will circulate through it .
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Post Author: Karin Hernandez